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Futaba Electric Co., Ltd. has established itself as a prestigious resistors manufacturing, research and development company since its inception in 1973. Based on the management philosophy of quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and total employees’ involvement, Futaba emphasizes research innovation and quality elevation, and broadly applies its technology in power supply, TV screen, medical instrument and equipment, illumination, electric car, automobile supply, audio equipment, telecommunication, sporting equipment, etc.
  Following the trend of minimization of consumer electronics, the esteemed Futaba R&D team, in meeting customers’ needs,  continuously develops new products as well as customized products, which are well received and has been granted many scores of patents.   
 According to the founding spirits of down-to-earth approaches and with forty years of persistent hard working, it has been successfully established that “Futaba Electric means resistor quality assurance”, a consensus shared by experienced buyers and users.

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Guarantee of customer satisfation
Continuous improvement
Participation of all workers
Futaba Electric Co., Ltd | Add:No.9.Lane 240, Ta Ming Road, ChuTung Town, HishChu City , Taiwan | Tel:+886-3-5956611 | Fax:+886-3-5943635
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